Forwarding is the major service on which quality of transportation directly depends. PTS LLC provides a full complex of services on forwarding cargoes in Petrolesport, having direct contractual attitudes with port. Our important advantage that being based in territory of terminal PLP, we are ready to render the best and operative services on forwarding.


Our actions on intraport forwarding include:
  • Reception of originals of ocean and feeder bills of lading, as well as permits from a marine carrier on export of a cargo from port;
  • Insurance of the container equipment on demand of a marine carrier;
  • Closing of financial questions with container lines and terminals;
  • The order of motor transport in view of wishes of the client about timeframes of delivery and features of a unloading in a constitution;
  • Accommodation of visit on arrival of motor transport on the terminal of port for export of the container;
  • The organization of intraport operations (examination, weighing, loading on motor transport);
  • The control of delivery of a cargo and delivery of the empty equipment;
  • Direct processing of cargoes: safe restuffing to motor transport both within the limits of the terminal and behind its limits Yanino terminal with a possibility of temporal storage of cargoes if necessary, the order survey services.


We render services on customs registration and the organization of intracustoms transit (VTT) from port of St.-Petersburg with granting transport from the licensed customs carriers.
Leaning on a long-term operational experience with the extensive nomenclature of cargoes, we provide service of the highest quality which assumes:
  • Operative gathering and transfer of documents;
  • The debugged work on customs;
  • Duly exhibiting to examination;
  • Duly informing on all necessary documents;
  • Processing of cargoes without additional delays and expenses;
  • Granting of the operative information on each stage of transportation owing to system of monitoring of containers;
The harmonious work of our employees allows operatively and to carry out qualitatively forwarding in port.

PTS - your reliable partner in St Petersburg, Russia!

We are glad to offer full intraforwarding service in PetroLesPort, Russia:

- containers.

- RoRo;

- railway;

- bulk cargo.

PetroLesPort is second container terminal in Russia, and first RoRo terminal.



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